Monday, February 27, 2017

february ice fishing

well with the warm spells we have had it was time to take advantage of it.Got out a few times with some friends and some some good success.Have been out a few times on Cedar Lake for crappies and its been a blast.Fast and furious is how I would describe it.Have been out for my favourite winter fish the lake trout.They have been easy to catch and tough also but always seem to get some for a good meal.As of right now with the warm melt we had plus a day of monsoon rains the snow pack is gone and are left with solid ice.Snowmobile is sitting in the yard now and atvs are the mode of travel although some fisherman are using trucks.iam not a fan of that,I do like using my toys and just scary thinking about hitting a soft spot with a truck,Just notworth it to me.Heres some pics of our adventures.

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