Hunting Services

Along with our fully guided fishing adventures, we also do hunting adventures as well. Our primary hunting is for Whitetail deer, which are quite abundant in our area and there are very good opportunities to harvest a trophy animal. We offer semi-guided hunts to get you started on the right foot.
As part of our hunting services, we offer ladder stands and some locons along with tents.
We will bait the prime hunting locations 3-4 weeks before your actual hunt starts.
The main rifle season for this area is the first week of November.
There is a earlier bow and muzzle loading season also.
For all hunts, you will be brought to a bait site or game trail. From that point on you will basically be hunting on your own.
We will continue provide bait for those prime hunting locations for the duration of your hunt.
We will also participate in the retrieval of your animal and we also have a facility available to hang your animal. 
In addition to the Whitetail deer hunts, we also offer bear hunts and a very limited number of Moose hunts. Please inquire early about these additional hunts as they tend to book up quickly.
As with all of are other guided services, we can make arrangements for overnight accommodations upon request.For current semi-guided pricing information, availability or any special requests, please feel free to contact me at:
John Jakobs
Box 22 Grp.44
Vermilion Bay, Ontario